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from The Seattle Times
LEFT-CENTER BIAS,  HIGH,  Newspaper in Seattle, WA

Nagasaki survivor visits Hanford, finds some of the story still untold
Mitsugi Moriguchi, 81, is the first Nagasaki survivor known to have visited the Hanford reactor — now part of a national park — that produced plutonium for the World War II bomb detonated over that Japanese city. “There was nothing — nothing about the suffering,” he said.


from (& CollectSpace)

Solar Storms Can Crash Communications, But 3D Models Aid Prediction
Communication systems are an integral part of daily life, but the sun can disrupt them by triggering powerful geomagnetic storms. To forecast these disturbances — which could affect GPS systems, air travel, national security and life-saving communications — scientists recently modeled the Earth data in 3D, an upgrade from one-dimensional predecessors.


from The Spokesman-Review
Newspaper in Spokane, Washington

Gonzaga awarded a No. 4 seed in NCAA Tournament, headed to Boise to face UNC Greensboro

Bruce Holbert takes a shot of ‘Whiskey’ in latest novel set in Eastern Washington
“Whiskey” tells the story of two brothers raised around Grand Coulee Dam. One, Andre, is a teacher in the midst of a crumbling marriage. Smoker is unsettled, and when his girlfriend takes their daughter and runs off with Harold the Preacher and his no-good son, the brothers head out in search of the girl. Their travels take them to Spokane and Metaline Falls, Wenatchee and the shores of Lake Roosevelt.


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