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from Competitive Enterprise Institute

CEI Joins Trump Transition Leaders to Urge President Trump to Continue with CAFE Reforms
"Mr. President, the fundamental question associated with the CAFE is mandate is clear: Who should decide which cars and trucks consumers should buy – consumers and their families, or unelected bureaucrats in Sacramento?"


from FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)
RIGHT-CENTER BIAS, HIGH, non-profit organization

No, We Don't Need Payday Loans from the Post Office
The Post Office is terrible at what it already does; adding on taxpayer-funded loans is just asking for trouble. Like clockwork, every so often a new member of Congress will rehash an old, tired idea: having the United States Postal Service (USPS) make short-term, “payday” loans.


from (& CollectSpace)

Ariane 5: European Heavy-Lift Rocket
Ariane 5 is a heavy-lift rocket that is designed to take satellites and other payloads into geostationary transfer orbit or low-Earth orbit. The rocket is operated and marketed by Arianespace, and built by prime contractor Airbus Defence and Space. The program is supervised by the European Space Agency (ESA) and the CNES, the French space agency.


from The Spokesman-Review
Newspaper in Spokane, Washington


from Sputnik
RIGHT-CENTER BIAS, MIXED, Broadcasting & Media Production Company out of Moscow, Russia

Many 'Thorny Issues' Between Turkey and NATO - Analyst
With Turkish President Erdogan visiting the UK next week for talks with Prime Minister Theresa May, relations between the two countries continue to be dominated by events in Syria and throughout the EU. Turkey, despite being a NATO member has not fallen into line with its policies in the Middle East and has repeatedly clashed with Brussels over migration policies. May will be hoping to curry favour with Erdogan at a time when post Brexit trade deals and Middle Eastern stability are of key interest. Sputnik spoke with Dr. Ali Bilgic, Lecturer in International relations at Loughborough University for more insights into the issue.

Secret Offline Bitcoin Vault Found in Swiss Mountains
Bloomberg reported, citing unnamed sources, that a secret Bitcoin vault is located in a former military base in the Swiss mountains. The cryptocurrency's stockpiles are reportedly preserved in offline mode on the servers of the company Haro and it's currently worth some 10 billion dollars which, according to Bloomberg, is almost 98% of some 5,670 US banks' capital.

US Senate Rushes to Restore Net Neutrality as FCC Announces Death Date
Net neutrality is set to come to an end in the United States on June 11, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) announced Thursday at an open meeting. Web users decried the move when the FCC considered it late last year, accusing telecommunications companies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast of trying to monopolize the internet and imposing a pay-to-play system on the web, which critics argued should instead operate as an open marketplace of ideas.

Iran Deal: 'Trump’s Decision To Pull Out Isolates US Rather Than Iran' - Prof.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has stated that Russia will remain committed to the Iranian nuclear deal after President Donald Trump announced the US’ withdrawal from the JCPOA. Sputnik discussed the issue with Dr. Alam Saleh, lecturer in Middle Eastern Politics at Lancaster University, UK.


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