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from East Oregonian
Newspaper in Pendleton, Oregon

Our view: Moderate candidates offer best challenge to incumbents
Eastern Oregon voters have an important say in two major state and federal races in this upcoming primary election. Republicans have a full stable of candidates jockeying to challenge incumbent Governor Kate Brown in November. Democrats have lined up to make a case against U.S. Representative Greg Walden.


from FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)
RIGHT-CENTER BIAS, HIGH, non-profit organization

Building More Highways Will Reduce Traffic Congestion
Forget about dystopian visions of LA's San Fernando Valley turning into Manhattan.

Millennial Entrepreneurs Understand the Power of Profit
Young business-owners grasp the importance of both small companies and large multi-national corporations in improving society.

Her "Little Pink House" Was Her Castle—Until the Government Said It Wasn't
A new movie about the infamous Kelo case tells the story of one of the most disgraceful Supreme Court decisions of modern times.

South Africa Didn't Learn from Apartheid. It's Still Waging War against Free Markets
The country is still embracing heavy government involvement in the economy, and it's having the same disastrous effects.


from Miami Herald

‪"None is more important than respect —for the dignity of LGBTQ people, for the equality of women, for the humanity of people of color. People who don’t value those things — and if you support Trump, you do not — have nothing to say to me."


from SPIEGEL International (Der Spiegel)
News & Media Website in Hamburg, Germany

Germany's Incredibly Shrinking Role on the World Stage
With a wayward president at the helm in the United States, the world has become a more dangerous place. In response, though, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is once again steering Germany to the foreign policy sidelines, clearing the way for French President Emmanuel Macron.


from The Spokesman-Review
Newspaper in Spokane, Washington


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