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from Daily Wire
RIGHT BIAS, MIXED, American news and opinion website

POLL: 'Blue Wave' Collapsing, Millennials And Minorities Report Declining Trust In The Democratic Party
Support for Democrats among millennials is down 10% since January. Support for Democrats among African-Americans is down 20%.


from  Education Website

Ridley: Good News Is Gradual, Bad News Is Sudden
The bias against good news in the media seems to be getting worse. Counting the number of positive versus negative words appearing in news outlets over the last few decades shows a steady, near linear, march towards negativity. Almost by definition, bad news is sudden while good news is gradual and therefore less newsworthy. Things blow up, melt down, erupt or crash; there are few good-news equivalents. If a country, a policy or a company starts to do well it soon drops out of the news. This distorts our view of the world. Two years ago a group of Dutch researchers asked 26,492 people in 24 countries a simple question: over the past 20 years, has the proportion of the world population that lives in extreme poverty. Only 1 per cent got the answer right, which was that it had decreased by 50 per cent.


from The Inlander
Media/News Company in Spokane, WA

Seattle Scales Back Tax in Face of Amazon’s Revolt, but Tensions Linger
After intense lobbying by local businesses and a bold threat by Amazon to curtail development in its hometown, the Seattle City Council on Monday approved a smaller and more limited tax on big companies than originally envisioned. The new tax — dubbed the “Amazon Tax” by locals — will fund affordable housing and homeless services in a city whose economic boom, driven in no small part by Amazon, has priced many residents out of the area and forced some onto the streets.

Little ads calling Labrador a liberal on immigration may be the most dishonest of the Idaho governor race so far
Lt. Gov. Brad Little wants you to believe that his opponent in the governor's race, Raúl Labrador, is a "liberal on immigration." It's a claim that's absurd on its face for anyone who has been paying the slightest bit of attention to the immigration debate in the last five years. And it's a tactic that has been used, unsuccessfully, against Labrador before. Nevertheless, Little — generally considered far more moderate than the far-right Labrador — has leveraged multiple ads dedicated to arguing that Labrador is soft on illegal immigration.

Israeli Troops Kill Dozens of Palestinian Protesters as U.S. Embassy Opens in Jerusalem
A mass attempt by Palestinians to cross the border fence separating Israel from the Gaza Strip on Monday quickly turned violent, as Israeli soldiers responded with rifle fire. Monday became the bloodiest single day since the campaign of demonstrations began seven weeks ago, to protest Israel’s economic blockade of the Gaza Strip. Tens of thousands of Palestinians took part in the protests, which spread Monday to the West Bank, where the focus was on opposition to the relocation of the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv on the 70th anniversary of the formation of Israel, amid formality and celebration that created an almost surreal contrast to the violence raging barely 40 miles away.


TV Channel in Wenatchee, WA

Lake Chelan Hospital on track despite unexpected loss
With a plans for a new hospital on the horizon, the resignation of their CEO and the death of a commissioner, the Lake Chelan Hospital Board of Commissioners have their work cut out for them this Spring.


from The Spokesman-Review
Newspaper in Spokane, Washington

State parks to consider new name for John Wayne trail Thursday
The Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission will consider renaming the cross-state John Wayne and Iron Horse State Park trails at a meeting beginning at 9 a.m. Thursday at Hotel R.L. Spokane at the Park, 303 W. North River Drive. The name change is being considered because the two trails are really one trail. One name could reduce confusion, state officials believe.

Seattle approves business tax for homelessness
Seattle leaders on Monday unanimously approved a tax on large businesses such as Amazon and Starbucks to fund the fight against homelessness after weeks of heated debate and raucous hearings. The City Council backed a compromise plan that will charge large businesses about $275 per full-time worker each year, lower than the $500 per worker initially proposed. The so-called head tax would raise about $48 million a year to pay for affordable housing and homeless services.


from Sputnik
RIGHT-CENTER BIAS, MIXED, Broadcasting & Media Production Company out of Moscow, Russia

White House Blames Hamas for Civilian Deaths in Gaza
The terrorist group Hamas is responsible for the deaths of dozens of civilians during protests in Gaza earlier today, White House spokesperson Raj Shah said in a press briefing. Shah said that Hamas is "intentionally and cynically" provoking a response, adding that "Israel has the right to defend itself" as it has been previously noted by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Shah said that Hamas is "intentionally and cynically" provoking a response, adding that "Israel has the right to defend itself" as it has been previously noted by US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.


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