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from Asia Times Online

‘Crime wave’ on Philadelphia’s Chinese ongoing: activists
Local Chinese community says robberies, some violent, have continued despite protests. Many blame a controversial rap song

Beijing orders 1,200 polluting factories to shut or cut output
Red alert remains as air quality index is forecast to break 'very unhealthy' 200 for more than four days in succession

France boosts Pacific posturing amid looming uncertainties
France has major interests in the Pacific, and it is making them known in the face of increasing uncertainties. 

China agrees to give back seized US underwater drone
Beijing expresses regret at US 'open hyping up' of the incident in the South China Sea

Putting a new roof over the heads of India’s slum dwellers
At least 65 million people live in slums across India, in makeshift homes built with bricks, mud, plastic and tin with roofs of corrugated metal

Conservative South Koreans rally against President Park’s impeachment
Protest draws largely older people who said those behind the movement to oust the leader were misguided


from BBC News (UK)

Pope's zeal for change undimmed as he reaches 80
As Pope Francis reaches 80, his detractors may wish he would retire - but his mission is incomplete.


from FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

How the Soviets Stole Christmas
Following the Russian Revolution, the new atheist government began an anti-religious campaign. All symbols deemed religious and/or “bourgeois” were eradicated and replaced with new, secular versions. Their images seem laughable now, but the impulse to destroy tradition is part and parcel of radical social movements throughout history.

I Believed that Communism Would Liberate the World from Oppression. I Was Catastrophically Wrong.
Max Eastman's powerful and moving testimony of his disillusion with communist/socialist ideology
Max Eastman was the US's most erudite and principled communist, who eventually became a champion of the free market. Here is his story in his own words. "I wanted to extend that freedom to all men; I wanted to see a society without distinctions of caste, class, race, money-power—without exploitation."


from The Gem State Patriot

Hillary and Bill take massive bribes from Putin cronies to transfer ownership and control over the fuel for our nation’s nuclear power plants (which provide one-fifth of our national electrical energy) and our nuclear weapons to Putin & Company — and then accuse her opponent of being in bed with Putin!


from Indian Country Today Media Network

Navajo Nation Seeks $160 Million in Damages for Gold King Mine Spill
Navajo Nation farmers still suffering 16 months after three million gallons of mining waste flowed into San Juan River


from LifeZette (& PoliZette)

Pope Francis Meets with Colombia’s President
An appeal for peace in the conflict with Marxist rebels
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and opposition leader Alvaro Uribe met Pope Francis at the Vatican on Friday (Dec. 16), as the government looked to build consensus for a peace deal with Marxist rebels.


from The Living Church

How is the Christian to engage politically in the present age? This is not an easy question or task. Claiming that your politics are Christian, as so many do, does not make them so. Karl Barth famously and frequently warned that no political party or program directly represents the kingdom of God. Perhaps we could say that what the Baptist said does not matter as much as the fact that he said it, how he said it, to whom he said it, in whose name and by what authority he said it, and at what cost he said it.


from Reuters

China, U.S. 'appropriately handling' seizure of drone, China says
China and the United States are using military channels to "appropriately handle" the seizure by the Chinese navy of a U.S. underwater drone in the South China Sea, China said on Saturday, and a Chinese state-run newspaper said it expected a smooth resolution.


from The Spokesman-Review


from Sputnik
(Russian government-supported propaganda channel)

Fake News? Obama’s Russia Myths Debunked
During his Friday news conference, US President Barack Obama spoke at length about Russia, making several statements that can hardly withstand even minimal fact-checking.

Aleppo's Liberation 'Delivers a Heavy Blow to US and its Allies'
The liberation of Aleppo by the Syrian Army delivers a "heavy blow" to all terrorist groups which have been fighting in the country for over four years, according to Argentine journalist Leandro Albani.


from The Wenatchee World

Agencies release ‘learning review’ after fatal Twisp fire
The fatal Twisp River Fire that killed three firefighters on Aug. 19. 2015, was complex, and came with shifting winds and extreme fire conditions. But a joint report released Friday says that it was a “typical” initial attack response to a wildland fire, and that agencies can and should set boundaries on unacceptable risk, and develop better ways to know when to retreat.


from Zero Hedge
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

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