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from Asia Times Online

Chafed at Syria snub, Obama punishes Putin’s chef
Obama's revenge? Sidelined and snubbed in Syria, Obama takes out sanctions against "Putin's Chef".

Muslim found beheaded after talking to Myanmar journalists
There have been reports of the military being responsible for mass killings, the burning of villages, rape and torture directed against the Rohingya. 


from BBC News (UK)

Myanmar's lost royals
More than a century after Burma's king was banished, his descendants are stepping into the spotlight again - and raising the question whether his remains should be taken from their resting place in a foreign country and reburied at home.


from The Economist

How Norman rule reshaped England
The Norman conquest of England, led exactly 950 years ago by William, Duke of Normandy (“the Conqueror”), was the single greatest political change England has ever seen. It was also very brutal.


from FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

Power Perfected in Weakness: Saturnalia vs. Christmas
The old pagan order rested on power and fear, the new on mercy and love. What kind of strange power is perfected in weakness? The answer to this mystery continues to erode the very foundations of strong structures, political-social orders, across the globe wherever the story is told and imitated, however palely by its imitators.

Why Europe Rose And Others Did Not
Institutions and values evolved in the Western world that favored private property limited the state. If we are to understand how development can be promoted in the poorer countries today, we must understand the historical process which transformed developed countries in the past, and why this process failed to take place elsewhere.


from LifeZette (& PoliZette)

Democrats Side with Trump, Slam Obama Rebuke of Israel
Senators join president-elect in bipartisan repudiation of anti-Israel U.N. resolution

Betting House Stakes Two Supreme Court Favorites
Appeals court judges Bill Pryor, Diane Sykes would please most conservatives — lead PredictIt market


from The Spokesman-Review


from The Vintage News

It may seem like a dirty job, but however, Grooms of The Stool were highly respected people.


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