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from Alex Jones (INFOWARS.COM)
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WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Thursday blasted US media outlets, contending in an interview that the power possessed by journalists had greatly diminished in recent years.


from Anglican Journal

According to a story often repeated in the diocese of Quebec, when the first Anglican bishop, Jacob Mountain, arrived in Quebec City in 1793, he was greeted on the dock by his Roman Catholic counterpart, Bishop Jean-François Hubert. “Your people are waiting for you,” said Hubert, welcoming Mountain to his new home.


from Asia Times Online

China’s dangerous sense of entitled victimhood
Almost every nation in the Asia-Pacific can claim, with some justification, to be a victim. Some are victims of European colonialism or the injured party of American imperialism. Others were victims of Japanese aggression during the first half of the 20th Century. Even Japan can declare its victimhood, as it was the first (and so far, only) target of nuclear weapons. Few countries, however, have taken this sense of victimization to its dizzying heights better than the Chinese – or, more properly, than the Communist leadership of the People’s Republic.


from BBC News (UK)

For three years South Sudan has tumbled deeper into self-inflicted chaos, and it now finds itself on the brink of something even more terrifying.


from Charisma News
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The House Passes a Microchipping Law Intended to Help Local Authorities Microchip Disabled People
The U.S. House of Representatives has passed a bill that would get the federal government heavily involved in microchipping disabled people for tracking purposes. The bill is also known as Kevin and Avonte's Law, and the idea behind it is that if disabled people are microchipped, it won't be so easy for them to get lost. Of course we have been microchipping pets in this country for years, and this is yet another giant step down the road toward universal microchipping. We are being told that implanted microchips will make those with developmental disabilities "safer," but where does this stop? Pretty soon there will be a huge push to microchip all children "for their safety," and once that is accomplished, it won't be too long before they will want to microchip the entire population.


from (& MRC & NewsBusters)

MRC’s Bozell: ‘Assured’ by Facebook Fact Checking Won’t Target Stories Based on Politics

Russian Reporter: Does Obama Feel 'Any Responsibility' for US-Russia Relations, Racial Tension, Election Rejection...
A Russian reporter named Andre challenged President Obama's leadership Thursday, running down a list of problems that have worsened on Obama's watch, including relations with Russia and racial tensions in America. "Does he feel any responsibility for all this?" the reporter asked White House spokesman Josh Earnest. Isn't this a question we should be hearing from American reporters?


from First Things

Much has changed in Egypt since 2011. Yet with all of these developments, one thing has not changed: Attacks against Christians have continued.

Pascal understood the pathology of our age three hundred years ago. And the answer then, as now, is the Christian one. Pascal reminds a distracted age: Were death not a reality, Christmas would not be necessary.


from Fox News (& affiliates)

China stole US underwater drone in South China Sea as Americans watched
A Chinese Navy ship stole an American underwater research drone while a U.S. crew was watching, in a South China Sea area contested by the Chinese and the Philippines, U.S. defense officials told Fox News on Friday.


from Harvard Business Review

It’s in both countries’ interests to keep trading.


from The Heritage Foundation

Here’s What the Founders Thought About Term Limits
Term limits will not address the larger problem of persistent big-government incursions of the unelected “fourth” branch of government: the vast federal bureaucracy. A combination of the Civil Service Act of 1883, which, over time, has made it impossible to fire or remove career bureaucrats once they are hired, and the Chevron U.S.A. Inc. v. Natural Resources Defense Council, Inc. Supreme Court case, which ensures judicial deference to the bureaucracy in regard to regulation, has made the fourth branch vastly more powerful and less accountable than anything the Founders conceived.

Cyberattacks Are a Major Security Threat. Here’s How to Deter Them.
Cyberattacks are incredibly destructive, but because they are subtle, they often attract far less attention than overt attacks.

Social Security Needs Real Reform, Not Just a New Commission
Social Security's two trust funds are projected be insolvent by 2034.

What the Third Amendment Teaches About Individual Rights and Responsibilities
This amendment is less well-known than others, but it goes to the core of American liberty. Our homes are not only our legal, physical property, but our refuge—something much more than what is today called a “safe space.”


from  Education Website

No Discernible Rise in Well-Being? Look at the Data...
People in the developing world are lifting themselves out of poverty wherever they have the economic freedom to do so.


from Indian Country Today Media Network

Helen Knott Challenges Trudeau’s Broken Promises to First Nations in Powerful Poem
Activist Helen Knott delivers poem to Trudeau from the proposed Site C flood zone
Despite years of adamant First Nations’ objections, in July the Trudeau administration approved two key permits that allow BC Hydro’s controversial Site C dam and hydroelectric project to move forward in Peace River, British Columbia. More than 60 miles of the Peace River and its tributaries, comprising traditional territories of numerous First Nations, are set to be flooded by the massive project. Traditional tribal territory and one of Canada’s most ecologically rich regions are at risk of becoming a reservoir. Peace River waters serve as spawning and wintering grounds for fish, while the wild boreal forest landscape provides critical habitat for wildlife — moose, elk, deer and bears.


from Intellectual Takeout
Nonprofit Organization in Bloomington, Minnesota

New Study Links Pot Use to Degenerative Brain Disorder
Researchers at Amen Clinics Inc. of California have found evidence that chronic [marijuana] use may increase the risk of Alzheimer’s. This is because it restricts blood flow to the regions of the brain where the condition takes root. Co-author Dr. Elisabeth Jorandby and colleagues recruited participants with marijuana use disorder. Around nine percent of users get addicted to cannabis. That’s a relatively low number.


from LifeZette (& PoliZette)

Ingraham: Russia Hysteria ‘Just an Effort to Undermine’ Trump
Mainstream media generates a new 'Red Scare' to waylay the president-elect


from The Living Church

What do the statistics say about the Church of England? Clearly, it hasn’t fared as well as many parts of the Anglican Communion. Does that mean it is “dying”? Or are parts of it dying? And how does the C of E compare with the rest of the Anglican Communion? Many parts are growing. But others are declining, and North American Anglicanism is generally shrinking faster than the C of E.


from Mises Institute
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Six Steps Trump Can Take Toward Better Monetary Policy
Even without ending the Fed, there are several steps that the Trump administration can take toward improving monetary policy.

Economic Science Has Been Hijacked
Many people continue to think that "economics is hard" and can't be understood by ordinary people, because we continue to look at the mob for policy ideas. Unfortunately, mobs don’t know what economics is. It doesn't have to be this way.


from New Statesman
"The leading voice of the British left, since 1913."

The harsh realities of the Syrian conflict are laid bare in Aleppo and Palmyra
The end of the war is not yet imminent.

Will Donald Trump let Russia's "Fancy Bear" hackers slip out of sight?
The Obama administration woke up to the cyber attack dangers too late. 


from RedState Watcher

Just In: Obama addresses Russia hacking during live press conference
During a live press conference, President Obama addressed the recent accusations that the Russians hacked the DNC in an attempt to somehow influence the election. However, in his statement, Obama did not provide any evidence that the Russians were actually responsible, and gave an overall vague response. POTUS: "Based on uniform intelligence assessments the Russians were responsible for hacking the DNC”


from The Spokesman-Review


from Star Tribune (Minneapolis)

U can take action in sexual assault cases, even if police or prosecutors don't
At the University of Minnesota, an allegation of sexual assault can result in disciplinary action, even if police never pursue the case. In fact, the university is required to investigate reports of sexual assault, and take appropriate action, under federal guidelines that apply to all colleges and universities receiving government funds.


from UPI News Agency - United Press International

Hundreds pay tribute to astronaut John Glenn in Ohio ahead of memorial
6:24 PM  Throngs of mourners visited Ohio's capitol on Friday to pay final respects to former astronaut and U.S. senator John Glenn, who died last week at the age of 95.

China captures underwater drone from U.S. ship in South China Sea
12:10 PM  A Chinese naval ship has captured a $150,000 U.S. underwater drone in the South China Sea. The autonomous underwater vehicle, used to measure ocean conditions and map the ocean floor, was stolen in international water just 40 miles off the coast of the Philippines by a Chinese crew aboard a small boat that had been following USNS Bowditch for several days. The State Department has filed an official protest with the Chinese government, demanding the drone's return.


from The Western Center for Journalism
(Western Journalism)  [Information from this site may not be reliable.]

Russia Demands Obama Provide Proof Of Hacking Claims
As the Obama administration stepped up its rhetoric against Russia for allegedly hacking its way into American politics, Russian officials demanded President Barack Obama either “stop talking” or “produce some proof.”


from Zero Hedge
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