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from Being Libertarian
[Information from this site is not reliable.]

Being a Libertarian in Eastern Europe
"The process of privatization in the former Eastern Bloc went rather poorly. Instead of creating a competitive free market environment, the people who were close to the Party seized the means of production for themselves and, overnight, turned from staunch communists into oligarchs with enormous wealth which they had in no way earned. The media has the audacity to call such people 'businessmen'," writes guest author Vladimir Slavov.

What Makes Up Morality?
"For a society to perpetuate morality, it is required to uphold the sanctity of private property, even when it acts against the greater good. To illustrate this point, we can look to Robin Hood. The state deemed his actions immoral when he took back ill-gotten tax money from the King’s collectors, and returned it to their legitimate owners. The morality of his actions, however, were upheld due to the recognition that morality required the preservation of private property," writes Thomas J. Eckert.


from (& MRC & NewsBusters)

WashPost Keeps Alive Russia-Grid Hacking Story Despite Spectacularly Falling Apart
A serious case of miscues happened to the Washington Post after reporters Juliet Eilperin and Adam Entous posted a Friday story (now time-stamped as if it was Saturday) claiming in its headline that "Russian hackers penetrated U.S. electricity grid through a utility in Vermont." The claim, according to the utility involved, is false. As a result, the paper, in an "Editor's Note," told readers that "The computer at Burlington Electric that was hacked was not attached to the grid."


from Competitive Enterprise Institute

What Paul Ehrlich's “Eco-Catastrophe!” Tells Us about Climate Change Alarmism
The parallels between Ehrlich’s failed eco-alarms and climate change may run deeper than rhetoric.


from Daily Kos
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

The mayor of Boise has a word for fellow mayors on resisting Trump
The mayor of Boise, Idaho, says it's up to his fellow mayors to fight for their citizens—all of their citizens.


from The D.C. Clothesline
[Information from this site may not be vetted.]

Trump Announcement Coming: ‘I know things others don’t about the alleged hacks’
The President-elect says that he will be making an important announcement Tuesday or Wednesday regarding the alleged Russian hacking of the U.S. electoral system. From his Mar-a-Lago residence Trump told a group of reporters late Saturday that he knows “things that other people don’t know” about the purported hacks, reports the New York Times. Trump said that he just wants the intelligence community to be sure about their assessment due to the fact that hacking “is a pretty serious charge.”


from Huffington Post
[Information from this site may be unreliable.]

Mysterious Marijuana-Related Illness Popping Up In Emergency Rooms
A mysterious marijuana-related illness is popping up with increasing frequency in hospital emergency rooms, particularly in states where cannabis is now legal. The symptoms are severe abdominal pain and violent vomiting — and most doctors are initially stumped when they encounter patients with the problem. The illness is cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which is linked to heavy, long-term use of marijuana, according to experts. For some reason, the nausea and vomiting of CHS can be relieved with hot showers or baths, which can serve as an important hint for physicians trying to diagnose a patient.


from Intellihub
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

Traitor? Hillary Clinton approved arms sales, including chemical weapons, to terror supporting countries after they paid her off
As corporate media talking heads accuse Trump of being a traitor, Clinton’s numerous shady dealings are ignored.


from The Spokesman-Review

I-90 reopned, other roads closed due to snow

Spokane Valley bolsters efforts on federal rail crossing funding
One project involves an overpass and interchange over the BNSF Railway mainline at Barker Road next to Wellesley and Trent avenues. A new interchange would serve connections to Trent. The other grade separation would be an underpass below the mainline at Pines Road just south of Trent.


from Sputnik
(Russian government-supported propaganda channel)

Every Third French Farmer 'Barely Making 350 Euros a Month'
A real crisis the government prefers not to speak about.

Italy's Withdrawal From Eurozone 'Would Be a Great Shock for Europe'
Italy may sooner or later leave the Eurozone and this could result in other European countries following suit.

What's Behind Washington's Decision Not to Veto UN Resolution on Israel
Washington's decision to abstain from vetoing a resolution condemning Israel for its settlement activities in the West Bank and East Jerusalem should be viewed as a "symbolic act" aimed to cater to the left wing of the Democratic Party. Obama came to power to a large extent thanks to their support and they have always supported him. At the same time he could not carry out many policies at home which they would welcome. For instance, he cannot introduce free healthcare or limit Wall Street's influence. This is why he decided to make something that would satisfy their aspirations


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