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from Asia Times Online

The Chinese ‘red line’ in Asia that could spark a war
The South China Sea is being used by China to send an important message to the United States and President-elect Donald Trump


from BBC News (UK)

The surprising origins of famous Christmas carols
The familiar tunes never fail to get us in the festive mood – but many of them have remarkably un-Christmassy roots.


from Breitbart

PolitiFact Failed to Disclose Possible Conflicts of Interest in Israel Election ‘Fact Check’
PolitiFact, which is part of a new group that will help Facebook flag “disputed” stories, last year rated as “Mostly False” a claim that the U.S. funded an election effort in Israel via the nonprofit One Voice aimed at defeating Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.


from (& MRC & NewsBusters)

‘Elle:' ‘Exceptional’ Ivanka Trump is Dangerous to Women
Women’s magazine Elle is continuing their agenda of empowering the fairer sex…by trashing Ivanka Trump for being too successful.


from Competitive Enterprise Institute

CEI Objects to Unfair Settlement Deal in Google Privacy Case
The Center for Class Action Fairness at the Competitive Enterprise Institute objected to the settlement in the lawsuit In re Google Inc. Cookie Placement Consumer Privacy Litigation, challenging the fairness of the settlement for the class as well as the high dollar amount of the proposed attorneys’ fees. “This settlement exemplifies the problem of class action attorneys behaving as if they have no clients other than the general public. It is unacceptable to propose a settlement that waives class members’ rights yet provides them absolutely nothing in return."

Congress Should Target Unaccountable EPA Programs
The newly elected congressional majority should be ready and willing to help implement President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to tackle onerous regulations. But what about so called “non-regulatory programs” that have significant public policy and marketplace impacts? Top on Congress's list of onerous regulations to tackle should be these Environmental Protection Agency programs.


from End The Fed
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

Barack Obama is staying in D.C. to launch a four-year attack on Donald Trump


from EUobserver

EU reaches deal on contested gun laws
EU states reached an agreement on a firearms directive that imposes further restrictions and oversight on semi-automatic weapons. The heavily lobbied bill sparked heated debates by pro-gun groups.

Austria's far-right seals pact with Russia
Freedom Party leaders went to Moscow and signed an agreement with a politician on EU sanctions list to cooperate with Vladimir Putin's party.

Merkel faces backlash over Berlin attack
The German chancellor says Monday's deadly crash at a Christmas market was a terrorist attack, but calls for calm. Her critics are already blaming her refugee policy.


from FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

Netflix Does the Birth of Modern Finance, with Drama
We see in the Medicis the birth of modern commercial culture – a new system of social organization that overturned ancient expectation and norms about who rules and who obeys. The Medici family worked to bring wealth and opportunity to everyone regardless of life station. And yet, without exception, when a plague would appear, people would blame the Medicis because, surely, this is the wrath of God against the usurers. Of course! Yes, the 15th century had its own Occupy Wall Street movement.


from The Guardian (UK)
[Information from this site may be unreliable.]

Church of England appoints first black bishop in 20 years
Nigeria-born Woyin Karowei Dorgu to be the 13th bishop of Woolwich and will be consecrated in March

The Queen to hand over patronages of over 20 national organisations
Her Majesty is cutting her workload after turning 90, with patronages to be taken over by other royal family members


from Huffington Post
[Information from this site may be unreliable.]

White Trash Christmas
In the rural, small-town Deep South, people still frequently get acquainted by asking some version of the question, “Who are your people?” It’s intended as a friendly gesture.


from Intellectual Takeout
Nonprofit Organization in Bloomington, Minnesota

Scholar: U.S. Schools Producing the 'Dumbest Generation' Ever
Generally speaking, if there’s one thing that liberals and conservatives agree on it’s that America’s schools are in rough shape. A look at the results coming out of today’s schools only lends further credibility to this assertion. With the exception of economics, fewer than 40 percent of today’s high school seniors are proficient in any subject area. But while liberals and conservatives agree there is a major problem in today’s schools, they don’t generally agree on the solution. Liberals tend to suggest that more money is the answer, while conservatives often argue that school choice is. Who is right? New York Scholar and author Sol Stern would likely say neither. In a recent column for The City Journal, Stern suggests that the best option we have for improving education in America is by returning genuine knowledge to the classroom.


from LifeZette (& PoliZette)

Electoral College Seals Defeat of Anti-Trump Elites
Establishment forces that have waged total war on the president-elect suffer a final rebuff

Obama Is Trying to Ruin Health Care Again
In an attempt to salvage his legacy, President Obama has given us another 11th-hour, 1,000-page-law: the 21st Century Cures Act, written largely by Big Pharma.

Trump Brings Optimism to Hard-Hit Coal Communities
Americans in industry targeted for extinction by Obama ready for new opportunity

Merkel Feigns ‘Shock’ at Berlin Attack Despite Abundant Warnings
Le Pen hammers: 'Everyone knows that jihadists are entering Europe by posing as refugees'

Global Warming Activists’ New Target: Meat
City resolution forces 'Meatless Monday' on Indianapolis for 'the health of the planet'

Poll: Two-Thirds of Voters Don’t Believe Moscow Tried to Elect Trump
New survey shows Americans yawning at media-fueled Russian hacking hysteria

At Christmas, Remember the Broken People
For all the festivities, lights, gifts, and friends — the holiday is far too hard for some of our fellow citizens


from The Living Church

On December 4, the Army Corps of Engineers announced that it would deny permission for the Dakota Access Pipeline to pass under Lake Oahe, the sole source of drinking water for the Standing Rock Sioux. Protesters at Standing Rock and their supporters, including Presiding Bishop Michael Curry, celebrated the announcement, even as the pipeline’s builders, Energy Transfer Partners, vowed to complete the project without rerouting it.


from Mises Institute
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

Market Borders, not Open Borders
The attack on a Christmas market in Berlin earlier this week, apparently carried out by a Pakistani immigrant, is just the latest in a series of violent and disturbing terrorist incidents in Germany. The event raises uncomfortable questions about immigration, culture clashes, Islam, and identity: what does it mean to be German, rather than someone who merely lives in Germany? It also raises pragmatic questions about how to provide physical security in public spaces, given such dramatic failures by the German government. The real question about immigration is not whether borders are open or restricted, but rather who decides?


from The New American Magazine
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

Boomers’ Social Security Checks Being Garnished for Unpaid Student Loans
The federal government has begun garnishing Baby Boomers' Social Security checks for unpaid student loans.


from New Statesman
"The leading voice of the British left, since 1913."

What are the chances of the UK abandoning Brexit?
If the EU begins on a path of reform, and withdrawal looks unattractive, Britain could pull back.


from NPR (& affiliates)

For Cash-Strapped Monks, Selling Fruitcakes Is A Saving Grace
The monks at Assumption Abbey in Ava, Mo., were making concrete blocks when Father Cyprian Harrison joined the order in 1965. As demand for the blocks waned, the order explored other options to support the men who call the cloistered monastery home.

from Redoubt News
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

House Passes Bill to Microchip Citizens
A bill passed in the House of Representatives with overwhelming bi-partisan support to implant micro-chips into people who have mental disorders that might cause them to get lost or disappear thereby endangering themselves. The hope would be that the chip would enable officials to locate such persons before they might suffer injury. While it is difficult to argue against measures that might help those with disabilities, the question is whether the definition of those to be chipped might be expanded to include vastly larger segments of the population — in the interest of their own safety, of course. It has yet to be passed in the Senate.


from Republican National Committee (GOP)

Burning The Midnight Oil
As Obama prepares to leave office, his lame duck administration is rushing to finish a litany of new rules and regulations it wants to impose on the American economy and use to jam up the incoming President-elect and Republican Congress.


from The Spokesman-Review


from Sputnik
(Russian government-supported propaganda channel)

Sahara Covered With Snow for First Time in Almost 40 Years
(PHOTOS)  An amateur photographer has captured breathtaking photos of snow-dusted sand dunes in the middle of the Saharan Desert. For the first time in 37 years, snow has been spotted in the Algerian town of Ain Sefra. While the 1979 snowfall only lasted half an hour, the 2016 coldfront lasted for a full day.


from The Wall Street Journal

Come to Church! There’s Beer
St. Wulfram’s Church in England is trying beer festivals, toboggan runs and dance parties to bring the secular community inside the 1,000-year-old edifice.


from Zero Hedge
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

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