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from FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)
RIGHT-CENTER BIAS, HIGH, non-profit organization

The Middle East Shows Free Exchange Is as Old as Civilization
For a long time, Baghdad was one of the wealthiest cities in the world. The Middle East has a very long history of enterprise. The first entrepreneurs, enterprises, early banks and financial speculators had already emerged 4,000 years ago in ancient Babylonia and Assyria – in the countries known today as Iraq and Syria.

Dear Congress, Please Don’t Keep Up with the Kardashians!
Kourtney Kardashian has been all over the internet again, but not for the reasons we’ve come to expect. The TV persona and entrepreneur recently spoke on Capitol Hill in an attempt to motivate the federal government to play a larger role in regulating cosmetics. Like the Congress she is calling out to for help, she doesn’t seem to be keeping up with the times. Her competition is, and they haven't needed regulation to do so.

Seven Principles Of Sound Public Policy
They are, in my view, eternal principles that should form the intellectual backdrop to what we do as policymakers inside and outside of government. Free people are not equal, and equal people are not free. When people are free to be themselves, to be masters of their own destinies, to apply themselves in an effort to improve their well-being and that of their families, the result in the marketplace will not be an equality of outcomes.

The War on Drugs Has Failed. It’s Time to Rethink Our Prison System.
The need for systemic changes in drug policy and the criminal justice system is not just a moral imperative. It's an economic necessity. Nearly 50 years ago, U.S. President Richard Nixon declared drug abuse "public enemy number one." In 1971, the administration offered a ‘tough on crime’ approach as the solution to growing drug use. The Comprehensive Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Act was subsequently passed, establishing five schedules for drugs that explain their appropriate medical use and abuse potential (according to the federal government). Unfortunately, the strong commitment to curbing the use of drugs through increased enforcement and harsher prison sentences, as the 1970s approach entailed, backfired in the long-run, costing excessive taxpayer money and ruining millions of lives.


from Miami Herald

In choosing to believe Trump’s actions were unimpinged by his seething Islamophobia, the Court chose to not see what was as obvious as an elephant in a stairwell. In so doing it has delivered one of the worst decisions in its 229-year history.


from The Spokesman-Review
Newspaper in Spokane, Washington

SpaceX launches AI robot, strong coffee for station crew
A SpaceX rocket that flew just two months ago with a NASA satellite roared back into action Friday, launching the first orbiting robot with artificial intelligence and other station supplies. The used Falcon rocket blasted off before dawn, hauling nearly 6,000 pounds of cargo including the spherical AI bot named Cimon, genetically identical mice and super-caffeinated coffee for the crew of the International Space Station. The shipment – packed into a Dragon capsule that’s also recycled – should reach the station Monday.

Another motorcycle maker considers moving output overseas
A Minnesota-based company said on Friday that it is considering moving production of some motorcycles out of the country because of European tariffs, just days after Harley-Davidson announced a similar move. A spokeswoman for Polaris Industries acknowledged that the company could move some production of its Indian Motorcycles from northwest Iowa to Poland.


from Sputnik
RIGHT-CENTER BIAS, MIXED, Broadcasting & Media Production Company out of Moscow, Russia

Soros Buys Xiaomi Shares Amid Trade War Between US and China - Reports
The US and Chinese governments have imposed a set of mutual tariffs on imports amid an ongoing trade dispute, with Washington barring two Chinese tech giants' products from its military bases and banning American companies from working with one of them – ZTE.

Trump Has 'Genuine Desire' to Improve Ties With Russia - Ex-CIA Officer
President Putin will meet with US President Donald Trump in Helsinki on July 16 both sides confirmed. Sputnik has discussed the upcoming Russia-US summit with Philip Giraldi, former CIA case officer and US Army intelligence officer.

US Sends Signal to Moscow by Halting Aid to Rebels in Syria – Israeli Analyst
By halting aid to Syrian rebels in the south, the US is sending a signal to Moscow ahead of the meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and his American counterpart Donald Trump, French-Israeli geopolitical analyst Mylene Doublet O'Kane told Sputnik, adding that the sides are likely to discuss Tehran's presence in the region.

Arab Intel Chiefs, Israeli Mossad Head Hold Secret Kushner-Backed Talks – Report
Intelligence chiefs of Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Egypt as well as Israeli Mossad’s chief, Yossi Cohn, attended a top-secret meeting in Washington’s latest bid to implement its Middle East peace plan, French website Intelligence Online reported Thursday. The event was reportedly initiated by Jared Kushner, Senior Adviser to US President Donald Trump and his son-in-law and US envoy to the Middle East, Jason Greenblatt. The alleged meeting took place ahead of the much-anticipated presentation of the Trump administration's Israel-Palestinian peace proposal, expected to be unveiled in the coming days.

Ankara: Trump Vowed to Help Turkey Purchase F-35 Despite Threats from Congress
Notwithstanding threats from the US Congress to halt the shipment of F-35s to Ankara due to its purchase of Russian S-400 air defense systems, Lockheed Martin has transferred the first two jets to Turkey. Turkish pilots will now be acquainting themselves with the F-35s at an airbase in Arizona.

Turkey Refuses to Meet US Calls to Curb Oil Trade With Iran
An exchange of jabs between Washington and Iran’s trade partners over the critically soured US-Iran relations seems to show no signs of stopping, with even more participants getting involved. One of the Islamic Republic’s long-standing oil importers has had its say. According to Ankara, Turkey does not have to act in compliance with "unilateral" US decisions on Iran, thereby suggesting that the country would not halt trade with its close neighbor and major oil supplier. Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu’s statement came on Friday after the White House threatened to slap penalties on Iran’s trade partners if they don't cut off Iranian oil imports by November 4.


from The Wall Street Journal

U.S. Inflation Rate Hit 6-Year High in May
A price measure watched closely by the Federal Reserve hit the central bank’s target after running below it every month for six years, as a strong labor market nudges wages higher and robust economic growth squeezes slack out of the economy. Though inflation hits consumers and businesses with more expensive purchases and loans, the Fed believes a little bit of inflation at a consistent and predictable rate is needed to keep the economy growing steadily and at a healthy pace. The Commerce Department’s price index for personal-consumption expenditures, excluding food and energy costs, rose 2% in May from a year earlier after running below that mark every month since April 2012. The Fed prefers that measure because it strips out categories that make it hard to see underlying inflation trends.


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