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from Competitive Enterprise Institute

SEC Should Investigate California Municipalities for Climate-Related Securities Fraud
It appears a variety of California municipalities have gotten themselves in hot water. To investors of their bonds, they have claimed that they are unable to predict sea level rise or other climate risks. But they recently filed suit against a variety of oil and gas companies claiming the companies are causing the sea level to rise. The municipalities in their lawsuits give very explicit predictions as to how much they think the sea level will rise.

Uber Wants to Make It Illegal to Operate Your Own Self-Driving Car in Cities
Beleaguered ridesourcing giant Uber has been criticized for a wide variety of sins, both real and imagined. But their biggest sin yet may be what they apparently want to do to the public in the future: force everybody to use Uber’s service by outlawing private automobiles.


from The Inlander
Media/News Company in Spokane, WA

The Spokane Central Market will house a dozen or so restaurants inside a shared space
By sometime later this summer, downtown Spokane will be home to a trendy new food hall. Called the Spokane Central Market, the space in a building at the corner of Wall and Riverside will be similar in nature to the Saranac Commons on the east end of downtown that's home to a brewery, bakery, café, biscuit counter and a few other non-food retailers. Spokane Central Market, however, will be significantly larger in size, totaling 20,000 square feet and with enough space to house between 12 and 15 tenants. Similar to a food court, seating and other public areas inside the space will be shared by all of the market's tenants.


from The Liberty Review
[Information from this site may be unreliable.]

Now’s a Good Time to Remember President Coolidge, a Man of Principle
In his veto of a congressional salary increase, our 30th president, Calvin Coolidge, told Congress that, “No person was ever honored for what he received. Honor has been the reward for what he gave.” This statement truly characterizes Coolidge for who he was as a man. Not only was he deeply concerned with tax reduction and the federal budget, but he was also highly dedicated to the serving of both his neighbor and nation. Coolidge had a special understanding of public service and never swayed from his foundational beliefs. These qualities made him the beloved man that he was. Calvin Coolidge —although soft-spoken— showed immense amounts of courage in serving his nation and staying true to his fundamental convictions.

US Now Exporting 10 Million Barrels of Oil Per Day
.S. oil production hit a historic milestone, pulling more than 10 million barrels per day out of the ground last November, according to the latest federal data. The U.S. Energy Information Administration reported Wednesday that crude production hit 10.038 million barrels per day, nearly beating the all-time record of 10.044 million barrels per day hit in November 1970.

6,000 Syrians in US Will Have Protection Extended by Trump
The Department Of Homeland Security (DHS) will reportedly continue to protect around 6,000 Syrian refugees in the U.S. due to the ongoing violence in the country. The protections for Syrian refugees, which was established under former President Barrack Obama in 2012, will however no longer allow immigrants who arrived in the U.S. after August 2016 to apply, a change in the previous policy. The 6,000 Syrians who are currently in the U.S. will be protected by DHS for another 18 months, while war continues in Syria.

Trump’s SOTU Was First in Eight Years Not to Mention ‘Global Warming’
While President Donald Trump touted policies to make the U.S. into an energy superpower, his first State of the Union (SOTU) address to Congress left out a hallmark of Obama-era speeches. Trump’s address is the first in eight years to not refer to manmade global warming — nine years if you include former President Barack Obama’s 2009 address to Congress. Instead, Trump emphasized deregulation and boosting energy production — many of the regulations Trump rescinded were Obama-era global warming policies.


from The Spokesman-Review
Newspaper in Spokane, Washington

Expansion of tiny, cottage homes gets Spokane City Council’s OK
Developers hoping to build smaller homes on lots within Spokane city limits received a helping hand from city lawmakers this week. The Spokane City Council unanimously passed revisions to city zoning laws designed to promote development on smaller lots that were proven financially infeasible. The actions taken this week represent a first step in what city planners say is an effort to increase affordable housing opportunities through the promotion of infill development – using existing space within the city’s borders – including areas where single-family homes stand.

15 years after Columbia space shuttle disaster, remembering Spokane’s own Michael Phillip Anderson
Today marks 15 years since Barbara Anderson and her late husband, Bobbie, rose from bed expecting to flip on the TV and watch the Columbia return to Earth. For 15 days, they had monitored its voyage, beaming at each sight of their astronaut son. What actually happened on the morning of Feb. 1, 2003, was a national tragedy and a reminder that humankind had not yet overcome all the hazards of the final frontier.


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