Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Recent Dam Photos



This Aerial photograph of Grand Coulee Dam was taken by Craig Brougher during
the 2015 annual shoreline investigation of Lake Roosevelt. Grand Coulee Dam is
in the foreground and Steamboat Rock and Banks Lake are in the background.

This photograph by Bureau of Reclamation Hydrologic Technician Craig Brougher shows the backside of Grand Coulee Dam, with Lake Roosevelt on the right, above the dam; and Rufus Woods Lake on the left, below the dam, both of which are part of the Columbia River. The town of Coulee Dam is actually two communities on opposite sides of the river, Engineers Town with its Maple Trees showing their Fall colors, and Mason City across the bridge. Both communities were incorporated in 1959 into the town of Coulee Dam.

Evening shot of Grand Coulee Dam on forebay shot may be even better.
Dennis King photo

Flood control water over the spillway

May 2018: Recently reopened fishing spot  near the Third Powerhouse,
which had been closed  after the September 11 terrorist attacks in 2011.

1965 view of Grand Coulee Dam by Edward J. Powell

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