Sunday, April 15, 2018

Upper Grand Coulee

View of Steamboat Rock in the distance enveloped in a blizzard

Banks Lake as seen from the pull-out below Million Dollar Mile. The water in the lake is quite green.

Martin Falls, Devil's Punch Bowl, Upper Grand Coulee
 Washington State Archives - Digital Archives
Spokane City Historic Preservation Office - Photographs

Dry Falls Dam

North Dam

Pump-Generating Plant and Feeder Canal

Banks Lake and Steamboat Rock are captured in this stunning photograph by talented photographer Jerry Kayser

Rising 800 feet and spanning 600 acres, Steamboat Rock was carved by Ice Age floods eons ago. This dramatic, lake-dotted region is known as the “scablands” and is a stark contrast of the western side of the state. (Photo by Tyler Callus)

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