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from ABC News (& affiliates)

A look back at the 1979 total solar eclipse
Dressed in a dark blazer and a polka-dot tie, ABC News' Frank Reynolds anchored the network's live coverage of a total solar eclipse 38 years ago.


from Asia Times Online

President Khaltmaa Battulga, Mongolia’s pragmatist
As a candidate, the ex-businessman and star wrestler promised fairer distribution of Mongolia’s mineral wealth and less economic dependence on China, which used the Dalai Lama visit as a means to punish Mongolia over trade. Battulga began a diplomatic blitz as soon as he assumed office. So far he has met with dozens of international organization officials and ambassadors from “third neighbor” countries, i.e. nations other than China and Russia. India has expressed the most interest in working with Mongolia, given the two countries’ common fear of China.

Chinese ask: Can America recover from Charlottesville turmoil?
Drawing a comparison between this week and China's Cultural Revolution, state-media questions resilience of the US.


from The Atlantic
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

Why I Changed My Mind About Confederate Monuments
Empty pedestals can offer the same lessons about racism and war that the statues do.


from ScienceAlert

This Absolutely Ginormous Asteroid Is Passing Close by Earth in Two Weeks Time
On 1 September, a mammoth 4.4 kilometre (2.7 mile) chunk of rock will pass within an astronomical whisker of our planet – the largest near-Earth object to come this close since NASA set up its Near Earth Observations program in 1998. Don't bother unlocking the old bomb shelter, though. At 18 times the distance between Earth and the Moon this asteroid poses no threat our own delicate space rock, but it will still be a great opportunity for astronomers to study this orbiting space mountain up close.


from The Spokesman-Review


from Sputnik
(Russian government-supported propaganda channel)

The Vietnamese Absolutely Love Russia, and Here's the Proof
Moscow's Soviet-era ally has proudly retained its love for Russia all throughout the post-Cold War period and even into the New Cold War, showing that the Vietnamese have a sincere fondness for all things Russian and strive to strengthen the historical relationship between their two states. The US polling agency Pew Research Center released an extensive report detailing how people all across the world view Russia and President Putin nowadays, and Vietnam was found to be far and beyond the most Russia-friendly country out of all of those that were surveyed. It should be said, though, that the company only sought the opinions of people in a handful of states in the region, curiously overlooking those in most of Russia's other traditional partners such as Syria, China, Serbia, and Kazakhstan in order to arrive at what might have been their intended reverse-engineered "conclusion" all along, namely that, as the title of their report alleges, "Public Worldwide Unfavorable Toward Putin, Russia".

Russian Warplanes Helping Syrian Army Encircle Major Daesh Hotbed in Hama
The Syrian Army is completing an operation to encircle a large Daesh force in the town of Akerbat in the eastern part of Hama province.

Author: ‘Evil’ Israel Won’t Endanger Defense Pact By Condemning Trump
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has come under fire, including from several Jewish groups, for his sluggish condemnation of this weekend's anti-Semitic demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia. Netanyahu was also silent on the comments of US President Donald Trump, who refused to categorically condemn the far-right demonstrators. Loud and Clear's Brian Becker was joined by Max Blumenthal, an award-winning Jewish author and journalist who has frequently criticized Israel and the US' relationship with Israel. He gained notoriety in 2016 when he called Holocaust survivor and political activist Elie Wiesel "a supporter of [war crimes]" who "should not be honored" after the latter's death.


from The Wall Street Journal

As U.S. Exports Gas to Europe, Russia Digs In
As the first shipment of American liquefied natural gas heads to Lithuania, Russian companies are lowering prices, changing sales methods and developing their own LNG facilities


from The Wenatchee World

Monument Hill Fire contained; Diamond Creek still growing
Firefighters continued to mop up hot spots Friday and by Saturday fully contained the Monument Hill Fire, which started six miles northeast of Quincy on Wednesday night. Meanwhile, the 29,651-acre Diamond Creek Fire, burning in the Pasayten Wilderness north of Mazama, is 17 percent contained, and continues to grow. On the Monument Hill Fire crews demobilized on Saturday.


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