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from Asia Times Online

What makes a great leader?
Not long ago, over dinner in Singapore, we attempted to define what qualities make a great leader. For Klaus, the five key elements were heart, brain, muscle, nerve and soul. For Kishore, compassion, canniness and courage were key, as was the ability to identify talent and understand complexity. The extent of the overlap is telling. It is no coincidence that both lists begin with heart. Like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi, a leader cannot achieve greatness without showing deep empathy with his or her people – a sentiment that fuels the fight against the injustices those people may face. Such heroic leaders are unlikely to emerge in normal times. But these are not normal times. On the contrary, today’s unprecedented inequality in many parts of the world is precisely the kind of injustice that could spur the emergence of great leaders with compassion for those at the bottom.

Bangladesh a test for the next wave of industrialization
The spectacular success Bangladesh has achieved over the past twenty years has seen the country’s economic growth rise to more than 6%, and has seen the poverty rate more than cut in half. The transformation has been driven largely by the textile industry, as jobs are finally moving from China, which had maintained a comparative advantage for decades. But are rapid advancements in automation moving too fast to allow a new wave of developing countries to rely on cheap labor to fuel their economic development? Many see this happening, and research from the UN last November found that the developing world will lose two-thirds of all jobs due to automation.


from The Atlantic (CityLab)
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The Hoods Are Off
The “Unite the Right” gathering wasn’t a Klan rally at all. It was a pride march.


from BBC News (UK)

White nationalist rally at University of Virginia
Hundreds of US white nationalists have rallied at the University of Virginia, protesting against plans to remove a statue of a confederate general. The group waved torches and chanted "White lives matter" as they marched through the Charlottesville university. There were clashes with counter-protesters, while the local mayor condemned the march as racist and a "parade of hatred". A larger "Unite the Right" rally is planned in the city on Saturday. The protesters are angered at the planned removal of a statue of General Robert E Lee from Charlottesville. The local mayor called the torch-lit protest "a cowardly parade of hatred, bigotry and racism".

Antarctica fruitcake: 106-year-old dessert 'left by Capt Scott'
Ice-covered Antarctica is one of the earth's most hostile natural environments. But a new find by the Antarctic Heritage Trust suggests it's no match for a 106-year-old British fruitcake. Conservators found the elderly cake on Cape Adare, and believe it belonged to British explorer Robert Falcon Scott - known as Scott of the Antarctic.


from The Blaze (& Glenn Beck)
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Study: Earth cooler now than when Al Gore won Nobel Peace Prize for global warming work
Respected meteorologist Joe Bastardi recently penned on op-ed hammering Gore for his awful climate predications made in his hit 2006 documentary, “An Inconvenient Truth,” while noting that today’s global temperatures are cooler than they were when Gore’s won the Nobel Peace Prize for his global warming work. Bastardi’s study shows that while global temperatures were anomalously warm when Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize, they are less warm now and they were even less warm in the years between today and when Gore won the peace prize.


from Conservative Intelligence Briefing

As part of his “Drain the Swamp Bus Tour,” Rep. Mo Brooks (AL-05) made a stop Friday in Mobile, Ala. With the top three candidates locked in a fierce battle for the runoff, Brooks urged voters in the upcoming Senate primary to vote for him, instead of one of the six lower tier candidates.


from FEE (Foundation for Economic Education)
[Information from this site may not be reliable.]

The Violence in Charlottesville
The huge mess began with bad ideas. The only means available – and it is the most powerful – is to fight bad ideas with good ideas. We all need to throw ourselves into the intellectual battle most of all and as never before.


Education Website

U.S. Cost of Living and Wage Stagnation, 1979-2015
Looking at the average hourly earnings alone ignores at least three very important factors: expansion of non-wage benefits, fall in the price of consumer goods and rise in price of services, such as education and healthcare.


from The Living Church

As someone who writes and speaks publicly with some regularity, I am often aware of the weakness of language, as well as my faults as a communicator or teacher. It’s often hard to get your point across, due to personal frailty. You cannot guarantee that your hearers or readers will understand you. It’s possible to write or speak in the wrong tone or style or at an inopportune time. It can be dispiriting. It’s always tempting to quit. In Christian speech, we are bound together on the path of knowledge whose end is God. We must always put the best meaning on each other’s words; we must work out how to comprehend one another. There is no room for hate in communication; the very act speaks of love.


from The New Republic

Don’t Just Impeach Trump. End the Imperial Presidency.

His threats against North Korea expose the many dangers of the White House's post-9/11 powers.


from The Spokesman-Review


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